The Criss-Crossy World of Homage

Here's some stuff other people drew for me, stuff I drew for other people, and links to comics I've done for other people, or about other people's comics, or other comics people've done with BoxJam in 'em.

BoxJam meets Tikaboo Peak's Gilbert. Thanks, Amy!

This cool enhancement of a Doodle was done by fluff, who draws La Mouette.

fluff also draws DMB (Doomed Musicians gettin' Bored),
and BoxJam got to meet the Green Lantern. Alabama's up.
It's up.  Alabama is up.

Dave Kelly, of Living in Greytown, sent me this. Thanks kindly, Dave.

Napoleon, of Snail Dust, created this cool doodle.

BoxJam travels thru Pac-World, courtesy of Mark Gerrits (Ghostz).

Mike sent along this image of BoxJam about to get his come-uppance.

Patrick Shaugnessy (Triangle and Robert) sent this excellent work
(the origins of the "lamp" are here).

Like Halloween? A few friends and I participated in Fright Night!

Napoleon was nice enough to give BoxJam free product placement for a while in her strip.

BoxJam in Soap on a Rope.

BoxJam in Soap on a Rope again, very small.

BoxJam in Where the Hell are the Singing Cats?

If you're not easily offended, here's BoxJam in Big Ones, a comic by an angry boy.

Aren't We Real provides insight into BoxJam's psyche.

An even slower BoxJam in Snail Dust.

Mallethead never knew the danger he was in in Chopping Block.

The doodle as I think a few other webtoonists would draw it.

Something I did as a tribute to Tikaboo Peak.

The Joe Average I do'ed (it's the first one for the week).

The Frankenstudent I didded.

Have you ever drawn BoxJam? I'd love to show it.