When They talk About the Doodle...

(here's what they're saying:)

"...almost gave me a hernia laughing." - Bob Roberds

"...simply excellent stuff." - Ryan Duchane

"What the bloody hell. I'm serious. How can a comic be both this good, and yet still this obscure?"- Tycho

"[BoxJam is] spiteful and hateful and MEAN." - Howard Tayler

"I liked it when Ms. BoxJam's head exploded." - Herbivorous

"...the most sincere and witty webtoon out there. It's sometimes testing, sometimes touching, but always fun." - Case Yorke

"BoxJam reminds me of the Philistines who said, 'Hey Michelangelo... why do you lay on your back all day long on top of that scaffolding to paint the Sistine Chapel? Why don't you just use a Sharpie on notebook paper and slap it on a blue background?'" - Lee Adam Herold

"BOXJAM'S DOODLE is excellent." - Chris Crosby

"Proof you don't have to have a fancy drawing style to have a quality product." - Napoleon

"A wonderful loopy, funny comic." - Robb Tanner

"...really appreciate the wide range of emotions he perfectly portrays on all of his characters' faces...when all he's working with is a few circles and straight lines.... I really think this stuff could get syndicated." - Ray Foushee

"Inventive, creative, funny. This strip is never the same experience twice. Treat yourself." - Brad Guigar

"j'adore ce site" - fluff

"It's amazing how a cartoon with such minimal detail can make me bust a gut over and over again..." - Shannon Traska

"...a genius comic strip. That's right, genius." - Karva

"The strip's offbeat humor...trounces most syndicated works." - Daily Herald

Thanks, everybody!
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