[[BoxJam is seen, driving his "car"]]

BoxJam: So I'm driving to work, listening to chick-rock 101.9, and the DJ asks how many words in English have no rhymes, and what are they?

BoxJam: I hate that. I know the answer you're supposed to give; it's wrong. There are lots of words with no good rhymes - tincture, picture and butcher come to mind.

BoxJam: By the way, duck's quacks do echo. There are animals besides humans and dolphins who "have sex for fun." Fred and Wilma were not the first couple shown in bed together on television. The "Angry/Hungry - what's the third?" thing is a lie, and contradicts further the four-rhyme thing. There are other

[[text reaches the bottom of the page as BoxJam rambles]]

[[BoxJam has stepped out of his "car" at a parking lot and his lower half is made up of squiggles]]

BoxJam: By the time I got to work, my muumuu was all bunched up in a knot.