Ms. BoxJam is a vegatarian. Consequently, so are Little BoxJam and BoxJam-ina.

BoxJam is not.

HOWEVER... BoxJam, using very sophisticated mathematics, can demonstrate that eating anything in the food system displaces as much bio-energy into you as anything else. That is, the total bio-energy you are claiming for yourself means just as much bio-energy can't feed other organisms. So eat them or starve them.

[[BoxJam at chalkboard displaying a simple equation]]

Ms. BoxJam is not impressed. Something about quality of life, or something.

[[BoxJam gets a pie in the face at chalkboard]]

[[dead BoxJam is thrown off a cliff to hungry sharks]]

Therefore, when it's my turn to go, I'm leaving instructions for Little BoxJam and BoxJamina to feed me to sharks. I'll pay back in bio-energy what I owe in quality of life.