BoxJam: Give me a noun- a thing.

Little BoxJam: Power Ranger

BoxJam: Give me an action word.

Little BoxJam: Power rangers fighting tough guys.

BoxJam: I'll take "fighting." Give me a describing word.

Little BoxJam: Power Ranger!

BoxJam: No, like 'small,' 'big,''cold,'...

Little BoxJam: Tough like powers rangers!

BoxJam: *sigh*

BoxJam: Thing name exclamation hat size

Little BoxJam: Power ranger power ranger power ranger! Power ranger! Power ranger!

BoxJam (reading): "One day, power ranger decided to fight like power ranger, but couldn't find his power ranger tough glove. so he looked in the power ranger closet. Soon, power ranger saw him and..."

Little BoxJam: HA HA HA HA HA HA