[[Two amoeba-esque ghosts float around BoxJam and his family, who are hiding behind him. A bed and small bureau are apparently suspended in midair by the ghosts. BoxJam shakes his fist at the ghosts ]]

BoxJam : Whoever you are, leave my family alone!

[[The bed and bureau are back on the ground, and BoxJam has likewise lowered his arm. The ghosts do not appear from this point on. ]]

Ghosts : You cheated our father out of his huge Michigan estate

BoxJam: What?

[[ BoxJam gestures broadly. ]]

BoxJam: I was born in Alabama! I've spent maybe like 4 days EVER in Michigan!

Ghosts: Really?

BoxJam: Yes!

[[BoxJam and spouse are now in bed. ]]

BoxJam: Huh...