[[BoxJam is seated while reading a newspaper positioned in front of his face. Ms. BoxJam w/briefcase is standing to his right. ]]

BoxJam: What are you teaching tonight?

Ms. BoxJam: Developmental stages. Tonight I'm covering pre-operational.

[[BoxJam has moved the paper, partially folded, to his left. ]]

BoxJam: Is that where kid's can't figure out bigger, smaller, and conservation of matter?

Ms. BoxJam: Yes! Kids that age aren't impressed by magic -- they don't know rabbits shouldn't be in hats, and stuff.

[[Ms. BoxJam is raising an eyebrow at these questions. ]]

BoxJam: What about disppearing?

Ms. BoxJam: No.

BoxJam: Unlinking rings?

Ms. BoxJam: No.

[[ Ms. BoxJam's eyebrows are now fully furrowed. ]]

BoxJam: What about making the statue of liberty disappear?

Ms. BoxJam: NO.

[[ BoxJam sits, slightly downcast, sans Ms. BoxJam. ]]

BoxJam: Man. That's the best trick.