{{Wherein BoxJam tells you stuff even though he doesn't know if you'd care: This one, like many doodles, came from a dream - a dream where I went to the moon. When I woke up, I thought about my son going to the moon, and realized that if he'd had the same dream, my wife and I would probably be there to ruin it. That was when it really hit home that my wife and I are the voices of his super-ego, and it makes me feel very guilty. I cried when I drew this one. This is a doodle that makes me frustrated I don't draw better - I don't think the art does the idea justice at all.}}

[[The whole BoxJam family is on the moon]]

BoxJam: Stay in sight of the lander!

Little BoxJam: Wow - I can't believe we came to the moon!

Ms. BoxJam: Don't jump so high!

Little BoxJam: Wow! A crater!

Ms. BoxJam: Be careful! Look how deep it is!

BoxJam: That's long enough. Get down from there.

Little BoxJam: Look how far I can throw!

BoxJam: Your mother told you not to play so rough! Next moon rock lands you in the capsule until we leave!

Ms. BoxJam: And it be NICE if you took your sister for a walk!

Little BoxJam: But -

BoxJam: Never mind. Time to go.

Little BoxJam: But -

BoxJam: No buts. It's a school night.

Little BoxJam: But -

BoxJam: Do you want a time out?

[[reveal Little BoxJam in bed - it was a dream]]

Little BoxJam: *Sigh*