BoxJam: S'anyway, gonna get another job.

Ms. BoxJam: So soon? Seems like you just stopped going to your last job!

[[BoxJam is cyan, Ms. BoxJam is yellow.]]

BoxJam: <> I don't know what I should do...

Ms. BoxJam: What did you do at your last job?

Footnote: It's good to give characters something to do, so they don't become "talking heads".

[[BoxJam is suddenly spinning a yo-yo, while Ms. BoxJam is now scrubbing clothes on a washboard in a tub.]]

[[ Little BoxJam in pink walks off with lunch bag.]]

BoxJam: Hey - what's that thing he does?

Ms. BoxJam: You mean "school?"

BoxJam: Yeah!

Ms BoxJam (thinking): This is not my beautiful life...