[[Little BoxJam sticks his head over some grasses at the top of a hill]]

Little BoxJam: Whoa! An undiscovered valley!

[[He sees lots of strange animals]]

Little BoxJam: Full of animals the world has never seen!

Little BoxJam: Hey there - you're a cute one - I'll call you 'spy-ro'

Offscreen: DON'T TOUCH IT!

[[BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam climb over the hill]]

BoxJam: You don't know where he's been!

Ms. BoxJam: Oh, Lord, he's touching an animal?

Little BoxJam: Huh?

Little BoxJam: But these are brand new types of animals...

BoxJam: ...and probably covered with germs!

Ms. BoxJam: Shoo! Shoo!

BoxJam: Thank goodness we got here in time!

Ms. BoxJam: Wild animals aren't playthings, honey!

[[reveal Little BoxJam in bed, apparently waking from a dream]]

Little BoxJam: *sigh*