[[Two board game tokens have a conversation on a board game path]]

Red play figure: Yay! I got three gumdrops!

Green play figure: I got four!

Red play figure: Wouldn't it be nice if you only got three, too?

Green play figure: Um, I'm really supposed to get four.

Red: But it's not fair! You're getting more of everything!

Green: It's just luck! And for fun! This sort of thing doesn't bother big people like us!

Red: Yeah, but you're always lucky, and I <>

Green: Oh, OK. Here. You have another gumdrop.

[[BoxJam, Ms. BoxJam, and Little BoxJam are all playing a board game]]

Little BoxJam: Don't do it, Mom! He whines his way through every game!

Ms. BoxJam: Someone stab me with a candy cane...

BoxJam (to Little BoxJam): You! Quiet!