{{This was an April Fools' strip titled 'Welcome to... Guest Artist Saturdays!'}}

Max Slacker BoxJammified: This is pointless! We can never hope to achieve the heights of surreal humor BoxJam does.

Joe Welcome BoxJammified: Not to worry! All you do is take real jokes a

Jon from goats BoxJammified: You'll forgive me if I'm skeptical.

Phillip from goats BoxJammified: Like this: It makes me nervous when a Chinese Restaurant is next to big fuzzy dice.

Francis from PvP BoxJammified: Nice try. Give it up.

Jade from PvP BoxJammified: How many light bulbs does it take to cross a chicken?

{{underneath the comic is the following text: "Today's guest artist spot, the first, is a collaborative effort. Three guys, who tell me that they're also web cartoonists, teamed up to try to capture the flavor of BoxJam's Doodle. Pretty good, guys! You might want to make the characters look more consistent from frame to frame, but I like it!

By the way, they also included links to their pages:

"Soap Your Rope"


"Prayer vs. Prayer" (maybe a Christian wrestling strip?)

Now, I haven't had time to check their sites out myself, but I bet they're pretty groovy. Why don't you give 'em a look?"}}