Armless Farm Mouse: Howdy, y'all! Welcome to the busy farm! I'd wave, but somebody ripped my arms off!

[[Picture of puppy missing head]]

Caption: Puppy here is glad to see you, and looking all around - or he would be if his head wasn't just a spring...

[[picture of cat with partial mice on a 'wheel' revolving around cat]]

Caption: While kitty sleeps, the mousies - or their remaining body parts - scamper 'cross the haystack!

[[picture of bipedal rabbit who only is there from waist down]]

Caption: Bunny always tends the crops, sometimes stopping for a snack, which is weird, since somebody ripped off his head and torso...

[[reveal BoxJam is reading a book to 'Mina in a rocking chair]]

BoxJam (thinking): I think I actually prefer pop-up books this way...

'Mina: Uh-oh! Aw dun head!