[[Ms. BoxJam stands over BoxJam, who is kneeling next to an old-time giant radio]]

BoxJam: Hey - I'm listening to an old-time radio broadcast from "the golden age of radio!"

Radio Voice 1: Sheriff, the perpetrator of the crime used a left-handed gun.

Radio Voice 2: Huh. He must've been left-handed. I'll write that down here with THIS pen I'm holding.

Radio Voice 1: That fella that just pulled up outside and walked into the general store looked funny.

Radio Voice 2: That he did. Walk with me


Radio Voice 2: out the door now. OK, we're outside - let's check out this horse that the man was riding that's right here.

Radio Voice 1: Whoa, sheriff, this saddle has a name on it. Let's see if we can make it out.

Radio Voice 2: The first letter looks like an 'L.' The next one is 'E.' Then comes an 'F.'

Radio Voice 1: The next one looks like a 'T,' sheriff.

Radio Voice 2: Ayup. Then a 'Y.' L-E-F-T-Y.

Radio Voice 1: L-E-F-T-Y...Lefty! Whaddya make of it, sheriff?

BoxJam: The "golden age of radio" is just a lie, isn't it?