{{This comic appeared on 'Cartoonists' Day' - May 5, 2000}}

Headnote: I'd tell you "Happy Cartoonists' Day" but I'm not in the union.

[[BoxJam is at a toy piano, with Ms. BoxJam leaning on it. BoxJam is playing, with the music appearing above their heads]]

Ms. BoxJam: Remember that guy who was selling produce out of his El Dorado?

Ms. BoxJam: The guy who looked like Tony Granato - you said he sold a good avocado.

[[BoxJam walks away. Ms. BoxJam doesn't notice.]]

Ms. BoxJam: I never know if you want company when you play. "Test the waters," that's my motto.

[[She notices he's not there.]]

Ms. BoxJam: Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.