Headnote: Due to a processing glitch, the Terran BoxJam site originally posted this (Melnokki) version of the doodle on June 6. The next day, the correct version (at bottom) was correctly posted. A similar mixup occurred on the Melnokki Wide Web site.

[[BoxJam speaks to Ms. BoxJam in alien script, and she answers in alien script]]

[[BoxJam is shocked, and says something in alien script, as Ms. BoxJam's head explodes]]

[[BoxJam is now blackened and smoking. He and his wife still speak in alien script.]]

[[BoxJam's head explodes, and Ms. BoxJam's body is black and smoking, as, you guessed it, they continue to speak in alien script.]]

[[They are both now black smoking heaps. They speak in alien script. The comic is signed in alien script.]]

[[BoxJam is speaking to Ms. BoxJam]]

BoxJam: I feel funny.

Ms. BoxJam: Me too. Should we call the doctor?

[[BoxJam speaks, shocked, as Ms. BoxJam's head explodes]]

BoxJam: I did. She-OMIGOD!

[[BoxJam is now blackened and smoking; Ms. BoxJam is headless.]]

BoxJam: She said it's either mono or I'm pregnant.

Ms. BoxJam: And me?

[[BoxJam's head explodes. Ms. BoxJam's body is blackened and smoking.]]

BoxJam: Same thing.

Ms. BoxJam: This was really a doctor?

[[BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam are both now black smoking heaps.]]

BoxJam: OK, I called the infirmary at the college.

Ms. BoxJam: I figured.