[[A BoxJam wearing a beret and a 'Waldo' striped muumuu]]

Caption: Once there was a Frenchman who kept a pile of rocks.

Caption: They were nice rocks and the Frenchman felt a deep affection for them.

[[The BoxJam in a muumuu is joined by another, female, BoxJam]]

Caption: The young Frenchman fell in love with a beautiful maiden, who HATED the rocks.

Caption: She promised, however, that she would never make him get rid of anything important to him.

[[The maiden is shrugging to the BoxJam]]

Caption: Nevertheless, one day the pile of rocks was GONE. Nobody seemed to know what had happened.

[[Reveal: BoxJam is telling Little BoxJam a bedtime story - Ms. BoxJam has interrupted]]

Ms. BoxJam: Oh, good grief! It was just some comic books!

BoxJam: "It was just a pile of rocks!" she said. "Get over it!"