[[Ms. BoxJam is reading]]

BoxJam [[from other room]]: ... But the little bug had nowhere left to go

[[Ms. BoxJam looks up from her book.]]

BoxJam [[from other room]]: So he waited for the T-16 bus, and got on next to a dragonfly.

BoxJam: "Where you headed?" asked the Dragonfly.

"I don't care," said the little bug.

"I know a good discoteque."

"How charming. Do you have an ashtray?"

"Thank you. Fancy a cigarette?"

"A cigarette, and a telephone. I need to ring my hotel."

Well, that's enough for tonight. G'night!

[[BoxJam enters, holding a book.]]

Ms. BoxJam: Recycling old foreign-language phrase books like that isn't fooling anybody . . .