Title: The BoxJam Opera

[[BoxJam holds a spear. Ms. BoxJam holds a shield and spear. They and Little BoxJam stand in front of a mountain prop.]]

BoxJam: My love for you is undying! I will go up the mountain and fight the monster!

Ms. BoxJam: Sounds good! Protect us here below!

Little BoxJam: Be careful, father!

[[BoxJam is partway up the mountain.]]

BoxJam: It is cold up here, and I fear for my life! I should have sent Mallethead in my stead!

Ms. BoxJam: Yes, yes, cold - I hear something stir! Now go slay it!

Little BoxJam: Bring me back something cool!

[['Mina appears at the mountaintop with horns and a blanket. Lightning strikes.]]

BoxJam: Aaahh! Great Max Horvath, I am beaten!

'Mina: Yoi yoi yoi! Yoi yoi yoi! Die at my awakening!

Ms. BoxJam: It is worse than I feared! I will try to befriend the monster!

[[BoxJam lies dead. 'Mina descends on wires. Ms. BoxJam and Little BoxJam hit the deck.]]

'Mina: Rowrr! Yoi yoi!

Ms. BoxJam: Get down, protect yourself!

[['Mina stands in front of the now descended curtain. Under the curtain, Ms. BoxJam and Little BoxJam lie dead.]]

'Mina: Great is my wrath! Tremble in its presence! Pray for a swift death at my hands! G'night!