[[BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam are talking - Ms. BoxJam has a bag of trash]]

Ms. BoxJam: Are you still feeling like you're not good

at anything?

BoxJam: Yeah. But I called a 'life coach' like you suggested.

[[BoxJam is now holding the bag of trash]]

BoxJam: He said everybody's good at something, and asked me a bunch of questions. What's your job? I don't remember. Tell me about your friends. Mallethead. What does your family think you do well? Not ask questions. What do you do for

fun? Draw a comic strip on the web.

Ms. BoxJam: ...And? What's his advice?

BoxJam: Well, you know. Nothing, really.

Ms. BoxJam: Nothing?

BoxJam: He asked me what he should do, now that I've ruined being a 'life coach' for him.