[[BoxJam is reading Little BoxJam a bed time story and is looking mad]]

BoxJam: "...who was the last of the magical flying beavers." Yeuhh, how trite. I hate that!

BoxJam: "Last of the." It's such a cheap, easy trick to gain


Little BoxJam: What?

BoxJam: Guinan was the last of her race. Leela is probably the last of her race. "Last of the Mohicans." Plumpy, last of the Plumpa trolls.

BoxJam: It's manipulative and unfair.

Little BoxJam: Isn't Mallethead the last of his species?

BoxJam: No. Not anymore.

Little BoxJam: Is "Plumpy" the troll in "Candyland"?

BoxJam: What's your point?

Little BoxJam: Nothing.

BoxJam: Good.