[[a sign reads "the BoxJam Flashback Episode"]]

[[BoxJam is on the phone, looking upset and Ms. BoxJam is behind him with her hands covering her mouth looking upset]]

BoxJam: Oh no! Little BoxJam's fallen in a well!? Suddenly I'm flooded with memories!

BoxJam: "What about when we were tired, so we pretended to

be dead rather than deal with him?"

[[BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam in their room pretending to be dead]]

BoxJam: "...or the time we went to the moon, and we just berated him?"

[[the family on the moon]]

BoxJam: "...the time we pulled hair out of the drain..."

[[BoxJam buried in a pile of hair with Little BoxJam standing next to him]]

BoxJam: "..the time he splattered

me with mud..."

[[BoxJam covered in mud, Little BoxJam holding a bucket]]

BoxJam: "...the time I decided to go

to school with him..."

[[BoxJam and Little BoxJam walking toward the school building]]

BoxJam: "...the time he discovered new species and we rebuked


[[Little BoxJam about to touch a strange looking creature as another runs past]]

BoxJam: "...the time he watched you re-stitch me from a ball of string..."

[[Ms. BoxJam stitching BoxJam's head together from a huge ball of string with Little BoxJam standing beside her]]

[[BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam at the phone again - Ms. BoxJam now looks dubious]]

Ms. BoxJam: I'm pretty sure the "moon visit," and maybe some others, were his dream sequences. How could you know

about them?

BoxJam: He's out of the well and ok? I'm so relieved bye!