[[BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam are talking while submerged in sand at the beach - beside them is a giant clam]]

BoxJam: What if traditional ideas of eternal life are wrong? What if

eternal life means that you 'live' whenever you're remembered?

BoxJam: Every time someone thinks of you, your 'soul' becomes aware - 'witnesses' the event. Achieving immortality would mean doing something unforgetable.

Ms. BoxJam: Would it just be whenever somebody said your name, or would they have to remember you, the person, whether or not they got your name right?

BoxJam: I'd do it as the person, were I the great designer.

Ms. BoxJam: You know, Einstein used to ask himself, "How would I have done it, were I the great designer," only he'd be right.

BoxJam: Oooh - you thought of Einstein! Now he's watching you!