[[The BoxJam family walks through a scenic snowstorm - BoxJam with a top hat, Ms. BoxJam with her hands in a muff, 'Mina in earmuffs. Little BoxJam throws a snowball]]

Ms. BoxJam: Ooohh...Sweetest Day is coming - I just love this time of year!

BoxJam: Bah! Sweetest Day is just an excuse for Hallmark to pick a man's pocket once a year!

[[They walk past Mallethead, who is wearing a top hat and holding a bag. BoxJam now has a walking stick, and Ms. BoxJam has stopped to build a snowman]]

Mallethead: ALMS FOR TH'POOR?

BoxJam: Get bent!

Mallethead: VERY GOOD GUV'NA

[[BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam getting ready for bed]]

Ms. BoxJam: Don't you just love when we put this creepy, shroud-like canopy over our bed?

BoxJam: Bah! Bah!

[[A bearded guy with a crown floats above the bed]]

Guy: Arise, BoxJam! I am the ghost of Sweetest Days' past!

BoxJam: Which is what, all of eleven years?

[[They fly upward together]]

Ghost of Sweetest Days Past: Ooh, verrry funny...just for that, let's visit your first Sweetest Day!

BoxJam: Aw, dag...