[[the spirit of Sweetest Day Past is taking BoxJam for a wild ride to visit his past]]

BoxJam: spirit - I can see the whole village! Wow- my gutters need cleaning...

Spirit: come, BoxJam, I will show you shadows of "Sweetest Days" from your past...

[[BoxJam and spirit look in on a Sweetest Day with BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam when they wer young and unmarried. Ms. BoxJam is handing BoxJam a Sweetest Day card]]

BoxJam: why don't I have a card for her?

Spirit: Because you suck.

Young Ms. BoxJam: Happy Sweetest Day, honey! I got you a card!

Young BoxJam: Happy what!? Bo-gus!

BoxJam: Where are the kids?

Spirit: You didn't have them yet. Look how insensitive you are.

Young Ms. BoxJam: So, like, um, yeah.

Young BoxJam: I guess you wanna go to a movie now.

[[Spirit is looking a bit disgusted]]

Young Ms. BoxJam: Like, cool...

Young BoxJam: uh, I'm a little strapped for cash... can you cover it?

[[Spirit looking very disgusted]]

Young Ms. BoxJam: Me pay for a movie you're taking me to?

Young BoxJam: Is that a problem?

BoxJam: No, seriously- where are the kids?

Spirit: Oh, forget it! Let's go meet the ghost of Sweetest Day Present!

Young Ms. BoxJam: It's setting off my "deadbeat guy" alarm...

Young BoxJam: I hear ya-you're broke too. Let's watch T.V.