[[Spirit of Sweetest Day Past takes BoxJam to meet the spirit of Sweetest Day Present, who is a flaming angel ghost]]

spirit of Sweetest Day past: Ghost of Sweetest Day Present, this is BoxJam. He's your problem now.

Ghost of sweestest day present: Piker, huh? OK, BoxJam, let's take a look around your life. Now.

[[BoxJam and Ghost are looking at Ms. BoxJam and Little BoxJam talking]]

Ghost: This is earlier today. Whoa! Your wife is hot!

Ms. BoxJam: Little BoxJam, you seem worried!

Little BoxJam: Mommy, Sweetest Day is coming up! If I don't get card and presents, I might not be... popular!

Ghost: Boring! Let's lookit the woman in bed!

Ms. BoxJam: Oh, honey, don't worry - your dad will get you all kinds of things!

Little BoxJam: I...hope..so...

[[Ghost and BoxJam look in on Ms. BoxJam in bed while she is asleep]]

Ghost: Oh yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about!

Ms. BoxJam mumbling: Mmff... want Hallmark cards...sknxxx...flowers...dinner...

BoxJam: Oh my God! My wife wants attention? I had no idea!

[[a hooded reaper-type ghost comes in, BoxJam looks frightened]]

Ghost: Well, that's it for me- give it up for Sweetest Day yet-to-come!

BoxJam: Hey! Keep the flames away from the bed! What happened to ghosts cold with the touch of dea-yah!...Hi, there...