[[BoxJam springs up in bed]]

[[BoxJam jumps out of bed]]

BoxJam: Morning!

[[BoxJam opens a window and yells out]]

BoxJam: You there! Boy! Oh, little Itch! Tell me, Itch, what day is it today?

Boy: Why, suh, y'must be dahft! it's Sweetest Day, by my right!

[[Ms. BoxJam, yawning, comes over to BoxJam at the window]]

BoxJam: Here's twenty ducats! Go buy the biggest card hanging in the Hallmark shop window!

Ms. BoxJam: What are you on about?

BoxJam: It's Sweetest Day, love!

Ms. BoxJam: You're just buying my present now?!

BoxJam: 3 ghosts visited me last night, and...

Ms. BoxJam: Stick to the point! Did you just ask that kid Itch to cover you by buying my present now?

BoxJam: Well, sort of, but...

Ms. BoxJam: Well don't I feel just wonderful? *sniff* *sniff*

Little BoxJam: Did you make Mommy cry?

BoxJamina: Mommy!?

[[Itch comes in with a huge heart shaped card, Little BoxJam is beating up BoxJam, Ms. BoxJam is crying and BoxJamina is crying]]

Itch: Here's yah card, Mistah BoxJam!

BoxJam: Uh, thanks, Itch.

Little BoxJam: I hate you!

Narrator: "And it was said from that day onward, that BoxJam always carried the joy of Sweetest Day in his heart, all through the year. If, by "joy", you mean "guilt."