[[BoxJam is sitting watching TV looking tired]]

TV: My two presidents! Starring the nerdy guy from "Saved by the Bell" and the "Doogie Howser" guy!

TV: "Well, a federal judge ruled that since Florida couldn't decide, we have to share the presidency- and the White House!"

TV: "No way am I sharing the White House with you! I'm going to mark a line down the middle of the oval office with masking tape!"


TV: "Here's an important bill to sign into law, Misters President."

"I'll do it!"

"No I'll do it!"

"The pens are on MY side of the desk!"

"the bill is on MY side!"

"gimme that!"

oof! biff! socko!



[[BoxJam has fallen asleep]]

"I guess Florida taught us all a valuable lesson."

"you said it. here's to us, Mr. President."

"Mr. President."