[[An elephant and an ostrich look at each other]]

Narration: Though the ostrich from Nim got on well with him, the elephant said, "I'll do what I must if you harms the Quimms on this dust."

[[Closeup of the dust speck]]

Narration: "For the Quimms, though not large, have hearts with desire to fill a great barge. And if kill you I must, to do what is right, then kill you I shall, 'cause the Quimms and I are tight."

[[The elephant sits on the ostrich as the speck floats]]

Narration: But Horton still feared the ostrich meant to hurt the Quimms, so he sat on him as a pre-emptive [sic] measure."

[[Ms. BoxJam stares down BoxJam, who's walking out of a dark room with a childrens' book]]

Ms. BoxJam: That's not how I remember "Horton Loves the Quimm."

BoxJam: It was past bedtime.

Little BoxJam (from bedroom): Hey Bup! Excellent ending!

{{While this comic may seem like prescient satire, the fact is I just wanted to make a comic with the line "Horton loves the quim." Yeah, I'm about 13.]]