BoxJam: Hey gang! I got our Christmas tree!

Ms. BoxJam/Little BoxJam/'Mina: HA HA! You blockhead! That's a terrible tree! You can't even tell a good tree from a poor one! HA HA HA HA HA

BoxJam: Not so! This tree has an inner beauty that a little love will bring out! Little BoxJam, get the decorations! 'Mina, wrap you blanket tenderly around its base!

BoxJam: After all, Christmas isn't about ostentatious displays and gross commercialism. It's about how love can change the world.

BoxJam: There! Whaddya think?

Little BoxJam: Wow! Great tree dad!

'Mina: Yay!

BoxJam (singing): Hark the herald angels sing...

Little BoxJam (whispering): (Man - is that he worst tree you've ever seen?)

Ms. BoxJam (whispering): (Yes - shh!)