P.O. Box 3283

Marketing Division

New York, NY 10032


BoxJam B. BoxJam



Dear Mr. BoxJam:

It was brought to our attention that you "draw" a comic strip called "BoxJam's Doodle." We believe it has marketing potential, particularly the character "Mallethead," whose head resembles a Vegemellow-brand marshmallow food product.

We would be interested in pursuing an advertising campaign in which Mallethead is renamed Vegemellow-head, and in which BoxJam is a hapless villain, always pursuing Vegemellow-head, with the intent of devouring him. BoxJam would need to be renamed also, something like "JerkFace." We will, of course, leave some artistic license in your re-christening of the BoxJam character.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience. Vegemellow-brand marshmellow food product is the first all-vegetarian marshmallow substitute. It does not contain cow hooves, like real marshmallows do.


Spencer Talbot

Vice President of Marketing