[[BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam are standing outside]]

Ms. BoxJam: Did I tell you the Touchstones are going on vacation by themselves? Can you imagine going on vacation without the kids?

[[A series of thought balloons]]

[[Postcard shows BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam, alone, wading in breakers on a beach]]

Caption: Having a great time... At the Beach!

[[Postcard looks the same, but a fist has punched through it]]

[[Postcard looks the same, but the hole the fist punched through is now being stretched open by Little BoxJam]]

[[Postcard looks the same, but Little BoxJam has dropped through the hole into the water - he's got an inner tube around him. BoxJamina is now climbing through the hole.]]

[[Postcard looks the same, but Little BoxJam is splashing BoxJam, and BoxJamina, who has now dropped into the water, has her arms outstretched to BoxJam]]

BoxJamina: Up! Up!

[[back to scene of BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam standing outside]]

BoxJam: No.