[[A bunch of kids are sitting on a bench.]]

Narration: The game was tied at 40- and I was ready to come off the bench! First, though, coach wanted to try the new hotshot transfer from Kensington...

[[Same bench, but a kid is missing.]]

Narration: We were down 10 when Travis White went it, then David Simon, Rudy Flittner and Kurt Keiser, and then Roger Bingham, the short kid with glasses.

[[Same bench, but only one kid's left. A basketball bouncing out of bounds is grabbed by a little kid appearing from under the bench.]]

Narration: Then, down 35, coach decided to try his innovative new "just use four guys" attack. I almost got to touch the ball once when it went out of bounds, but the coach's toddler came out from under the bench and grabbed it.

[[Little BoxJam, Ms. BoxJam and BoxJam sitting together. Little BoxJam holds a basketball.]]

Little BoxJam: Don't most dads eventually delude themselves into believing they were good on their high school teams?

Ms. BoxJam: High school? This was sixth grade P.E!