[[A young BoxJam at a desk at school]]

Young BoxJam (thinking): Someday, I'm going to draw a terrible comic strip!

[[shot of a yearbook picture of BoxJam]]

Yearbook caption: "Most likely to draw a terrible comic strip;" newspaper 11, 12; JV art club 10, 11, kicked off 12

[[door that has a window with stenciling "The College Paper"]]

Voice from behind the door: These are really terrible!

Thought balloon from behind the door: Yes!

[[BoxJam getting out of bed. The clock reads 5:00]]

Ms. BoxJam: Come back to bed!

BoxJam: I have to go draw my terrible comic strip!

[[closeup of a book]]

Writing in Book: Index of great, good, or even halfway decent comic strips of all time, in alphabetical order, p. 12: Boner's Ark, Boy and His Dog, Boy Who Hums a Lot, Boy Ziggy, Braille Comics, (obscured)

Thought Balloon (from offpanel): Whew!

[[BoxJam talking to a guy at a party]]

Guy: Really!? That's the most terrible comic strip I've ever seen!

BoxJam (blushing): Thanks...


Epitaph: BoxJam *Drew a Truly Terrible Comic Strip*