{{another doodle that came from a dream}}

[[BoxJam and family, in their boat, come to a stop behind a large boat on which a wedding is taking place]]

BoxJam: What's this?

Ms. BoxJam It's the newest thing - getting married in the street!

BoxJam: What!?

Ms. BoxJam: Lots of times people do it at the corner where they met - or got engaged!

BoxJam: So they just block traffic for a couple of hours!?

Ms. BoxJam: Well, yeah...if you want to make a woman feel special, let her inconvenience everybody else!

BoxJam: Ah-HA!

Ms. BoxJam: Oh God~ that was one of our secrets, wasn't it?

Minister (Offscreen): All please rise, hold your breath for twenty-two seconds, then spin around and make gargling noises...