[[BoxJam is reading to Little BoxJam, who's in bed]]

BoxJam (reading): "What do you see when you look at the clouds?" asked Dinky. "I see a froggy," said Farky.

BoxJam: (Eugh.) "I see a bunny." "I see the most hackneyed, stale excuse for 'whimsy' I've ever seen."

BoxJam: "I see a Type-A personality, who thought she was a Type-B, writing the most bland "fun" book imaginable."

Little BoxJam: MOM!

[[Ms. BoxJam enters]]

BoxJam: "I see a bunch of losers on an educational council applauding a book for not challenging anyone's expectations."

Little BoxJam: Remember you told me to tell you when Bup goes "meta" on us?

Ms. BoxJam: I see Little BoxJam shielding his face with a pillow before this gets ugly...