[[Caveman BoxJam returns to the cave after a hard day of hunting and gathering.]]

[[The BoxJam family sits around the fire eating something. 'Mina has a leopard-spotted blanket. The females in the family have bones in place of hairbows.]]

[[The family "spits" paint over their hands against a wall of the cave.]]

[[Removing hands, the paint has left a nice "imprint" of the hand as the absence of ink on the cave wall.]]

BoxJam: It's nice that we involve the kids in our ritual activities- to give them a sense of belonging...

Ms. BoxJam: Well of course we involve the kids! This whole stupid hand-blowing thing is FOR the kids! Who in his right mind would suck a mouthful of paint and spit it on his hand? You wouldn't do this if not for them!

BoxJam: I knew that.