[[Ms. BoxJam walks up to BoxJam, who is fishing.]]

Ms. BoxJam: Hey, did some pitcher almost have a perfect game the other day, broken up by a bunt?

BoxJam: Well, yeah...Curt Schilling. But the thing is, it was a two-run game, and the hit was in the seventh inning...

BoxJam: People are talking like he bunted ONLY to break up Schilling's effort-but it brought the tying run to the plate with none out...it only was obvious he'd be the only runner after the game...

[[Ms. BoxJam is walking off.]]

BoxJam: If you ask me, someone so concerned about a perfect game, up two runs in the seventh, is the one who needs more respect for the game. Funny, that. What other game has people so interested in aspects that don't affect the final score?

[[Ms. BoxJam is gone]]

BoxJam: I mean, remember when Carlton Fisk chewed out Deion Sanders for not running out a pop up? They were on opposing teams! What game but baseball would someone be so offended by an OPPOSING player's lack of hussle [sic]?

BoxJam: For that matter, why does everybody "stretch" in the seventh? Why do we continue to eat brats at ball games, and nowhere else? Society needs ritual, I guess, and respect for that ritual. Baseball is the American tea ceremony, huh?

[[BoxJam notices that he is alone.]]

BoxJam: "American tea ceremony." I'm gonna have to remember that...