[[Little BoxJam as a newborn baby]]

[[Little BoxJam, still a baby, sitting up holding a blanket]]

[[Little BoxJam, taller, playing catch with BoxJam]

[[Little BoxJam, taller, driving a boat by himself]]

[[Little BoxJam, taller, receiving a diploma, with parents at his side (who are now shorter than him]]

[[Little BoxJam, significantly taller than his bride, getting married]]

[[Little BoxJam, very much taller than his wife and BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam, holding his newborn baby]]

[[Little BoxJam, really, really tall, reading from a bible at BoxJam's funeral]]

[[Little BoxJam, now old, bearded, and caned, stands about twice as tall as his wife]]

[[Little BoxJam, "regular" size and age, with BoxJam]]

BoxJam: Um, no, actually...somewhere around age 18 you pretty much stop growing...