[[BoxJam appears above the comic]]

BoxJam; Hey everybody~ BoxJam here. I'm taking the week off to chill out. The strip's going to be drawn by {{inserted}} Fake guest artists. Buy BoxJam adhesive bandages!

[[Note: Today's strip is {{inserted}} NOT drawn by Lynn Johnston, artist of "For Better Or For Worse"

[[Ms. BoxJam, 'Mina, and BoxJam are drawn in the style of "FBOFW." Ms. BoxJam has her arm around 'Mina, who's crying and wiping her nose]]

BoxJam: I'm sorry your pot-bellied pig died, 'Mina.

'Mina: <<*SNUF*>>

[[closeup on 'Mina]]

'Mina: Oh, that's OK. It's part of growing up. From this, we'll all learn that life goes on!

Ms. BoxJam (brightly): Well, not for me, actually. I have incurable cancer!

BoxJam (brightly): Oh, weird! You too?

[[comic is signed "Fake Lynn"]]