[[BoxJam is rolling a snow ball]]


[[gettng annoyed]]

[[the snow ball collapses and BoxJam looks furious]]

[[looks upset still]]


[[BoxJam is stacking snow balls]]

[[top snow ball falls off the bottom one and squidges]]


[[BoxJam finally has 3 snow balls stacked and is putting a fourth on the side of hte middle one]]

[[it falls off and squidges, much to BoxJam's chagrin]]

{{this has been a midsummer reminder

from BoxJam: snowmen are just lies

stacked upon lies stacked upon lies.

You can't build them, unless you count

lame s ticks sticking out of a lame pile

of snow.

It's not your fault.

Don't believe the lies again this year.

{{Seriously, has anybody ever made a good snowman? The kind you see in cartoons and stuff?}}