[[BoxJam is at the computer]]

Web Page Text: Virtual poetry slam

Rap some verse! Lay it on us!

BoxJam: Cool!

BoxJam: If I had my youth back

BoxJam: I would spend many more days

BoxJam: with the girl whose joy and sadness then

BoxJam: still touch me now.

BoxJam: And I'd spend many more days

BoxJam: like the one with Kroger beer

BoxJam: and not doing much of anything,

BoxJam: because 13,313 in, it's one of

BoxJam: my fondest to recall.

BoxJam: <> <>

BoxJam: If youth more days...

BoxJam: Kroger beer and you...

BoxJam: first among thirteen thousand.

BoxJam: Joy/sadness = you then

BoxJam: = burn to drive now.

BoxJam: <> <>

BoxJam: Bleah!

BoxJam: Kroger beer and

BoxJam: Kroger names and

BoxJam: yellow haze.

BoxJam: Burning bridges!

BoxJam: Burning time!

BoxJam: ...? ...

BoxJam: (that sepia feeking)

BoxJam: <> <>

BoxJam: Double bleah!

BoxJam: Level with me. Is there really any such thing as poetry?

Ms. BoxJam: Of course not. It's just prose with screwed-up syntax and punctuation.