[[BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam in a crowd at a party]]

Ms. BoxJam: Every time I hear "Taliban" I get that "Come Mistah Tallyman Tally Me Banana" song stuck in my head...

Goateed guy: Ha ha ha

Some woman: Oh, how funny! Me too!

Guy with earring: Yeah me too!

BoxJam: Ever time I hear "Al Qaeda" I think of "Sausalito Disco" - you know - "Al Qaeda Disco! Al Qaeda!"

[[Everyone stares at BoxJam]]


[[The crowd. including Ms. BoxJam, has separated itself from BoxJam]]

BoxJam: *sigh*

Guy with goatee (singing): Come, Mr. TALIBAN, livin' in Afghana...

Woman: Ooh! Clever!

{{The song BoxJam is thinking of is "Sausalito Summernight"}}