[[BoxJam is sitting in a chair in front of a desk Ms. BoxJam is sitting behind]]

Ms. BoxJam: Thank you for coming. I've got your annual performance review ready.

Ms. BoxJam: Your attention to handyman matters is down. You give the kids lots of attention, but it's not edifying.

Ms. BoxJam: You've been derelict in your duties as a husband; fortunately, your role as "protector" went untested. You don't inspire confidence, however.

Ms. BoxJam: In money matters you're so inept that I've had to

take over watching the bottom line for both of us. In short, Mr. BoxJam, shape up, or you'll be replaced. You're on probation. Please sign both the white and yellow copies.

[[BoxJam standing alone with his review paper]]

BoxJam: I wonder if it's really necessary to have a white copy and a yellow copy...