BoxJam: Someone was talking about being "unAmerican" today... Is there any other nationality you can be where you have to act like it, or you get called on it?

Ms. BoxJam: What, you mean like doing something that's "un-Japanese" or "un-Canadian"?

BoxJam: "Un-Canadian"-*chortle*-yeah-exactly-I guess it's because BEING American isn't a race, or a single culture, or eating poutine-

Ms. BoxJam: You know, that's interesting-you can't define "American" EXCEPT by artificial adherence to a set of beliefs... it's not like we all wear tuques... *heh heh*... "un-Canadian"! Ha ha ha!

BoxJam: Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Ms. BoxJam: Hee hee hee

Inset: Two months later...

[[BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam in a movie theater (Butch Mann cameo)]]

BoxJam: Hey Honey-"un-Canadian!"

Ms. BoxJam: *SKRNXX* Stop it! *Mm mh hm*