BoxJam: I've decided to process the world as though I were an "Unscientific Poll" on a news site!

{{as a poll:

Does Osama have nukes?

o Yes

o No}}

Ms. BoxJam: How would I know? I'll say

{{as a poll selection:

o No}}

BoxJam: {{as poll results:

Yes, I'm already taking cyanide

14% [[short yellow bar]]

No, he's a peace lover

86% [[longer red bar]]}}

Ms. BoxJam: Hey! That's not what I said! I just said 'No.'

BoxJam: It's what you meant! The polls tell you what your label means! Thus we learn! It's why they have the polls, right?

Ms. BoxJam: No; the truth is independent of what some vote of random guesses says . . .

BoxJam: {{As a poll: Yes, polling the public is the best way to determine things like whether a fanatic in a cave has nuclear capability, or why the Supreme Court ruled a certain way, or if Robert Downey Jr. has finally beat his addiction

73% [[long yellow bar]]

No, I'm part of the problem.

27% [[short red bar]]}}

Ms. BoxJam: You wonder why I need "crying time" each day . . .