[[BoxJam is in a store with a red "SALE" sign. He is holding a chef's hat and approaches a sales associate standing near a display of boxes marked "STUF" and a pyramid of yellow balls.]]

BoxJam: Excuse me, Mr. Sales Associate -- I'd like to ask a --

[[The sales associate is alarmed.]]

BoxJam: See, about this hat, I just want to know ... uh ...

[[The sales associate turns and walks away]]

[[BoxJam is left standing alone by the display. He is angry and has the angry squiggle over his head.]]

[[BoxJam is running after the now out-of-frame sales associate, still angry and clutching the chef's hat.]]


[[BoxJam chases the angry sales associate past a red sign that says "50%" and a green sign that says "BARGAINS."]

[[BoxJam chases the sales associate up the stairs to a loading dock, where an employee on break stands smoking a cigarette next to a pulley and a window.]]

[[The sales associate grabs the cigarette-smoking employee and holds a knife to his throat. BoxJam is horrified, as is the smoking employee.]]

[[Back inside the store, BoxJam finds Ms. BoxJam holding a powder blue muu-muu and standing next to a display of pink boxes and brown boxes. He is still clutching the chef's hat, but he looks at the floor, defeated.]]

BoxJam: I, uh, couldn't find anybody ...

Ms. BoxJam: Why are men so incompetent in stores!?