[[Little BoxJam is on the floor, building with Legos, as BoxJam watches. BoxJam is next to a box of Legos.]]

Little BoxJam: Hmm...could you see if there are any eights left?

BoxJam: Sure, there's a bunch...

Little BoxJam: No, not an "eight" - an eight! Like this!

BoxJam: Oh, like 1x8, not 2x4...got it.

Little BoxJam: Now could I get a "four"?

BoxJam: Sure...here you go...

[[Little BoxJam does not take the Lego, but instead gives BoxJam a withering look.]]

[[BoxJam with Ms. BoxJam, who's handing him a bag of trash.]]

BoxJam: I do not speak the tonal language of "Legos."