[[BoxJam walking through a door with a sign saying "Improv classes here"]]

[[BoxJam is talking to a man with a beard]]

BoxJam: Yea, Oberon, like an arrow I fly to complete your errands!

[[BoxJam has his arms out and his eyes closed]]

Bearded Man: Wait - what?

BoxJam: Well, in this "Midsummer Night's Dream" production I once saw, the fairies were all on roller blades, and I thought -

Bearded Man: You suck.

BoxJam: But I-

[[Instructor walks up]]

Instructor: OK, you've worked with most everone here tonight - how many thought he sucked?

[[a whole group of people raise their hands]]

[[BoxJam walking away from the door with the sign]]

BoxJam: It wasn't a close vote or anything... people in the back didn't need to raise both hands...