[[BoxJam is watching the TV news.]]

TV: Finally on tonight's news, children's author Arnold Lobel has died. Most famous for his "Frog and Toad" books, his writing always focused on the importance of friendship.

TV: He leaves behind a wife, Anita Lobel, who is an illustrator of children's books, notably "A Coat for Anna," and adult children.

TV: He may not be the most famous kids' book writer ever, and "Frog and Toad" don't even appreciate the stature they should, but then again, what would it matter if he had Seuss-like popularity? He's dead. Like all of us, he'll one day be forgotten.

Other voice on TV: Um...

First TV anchor: No matter the beauty of the simple truths he wrote, no matter how hard generations work to remember him, our old friend entropy will ensure it's for naught.

Second TV anchor: Ted, are you sure this is appropriate for a newscast?

Ted: Sure, his wife and kids are over it by now, but should they be?

Other anchor: Over it!? When did he die!?

Ted: Well, 1987...

Other anchor: 1987!?

Ted: Look, I just heard about it today, OK?